Monday, March 5, 2012

A Special Family Gift

Hi Everyone,
Since I wrote about Christmas Village last time, let's finish the season by looking at an idea that I had this year for a special Christmas gift for my family.

Especially at Christmas, I like to give a little something to my siblings and their families that ties together the generations of our family in a special way. So, this year I had a brainstorm about a recipe book.

You see, I sometimes have requests for my mother's or grandmother's favorite recipes, especially for holiday cooking and baking.  What I decided to do was to create a book that had pictures of the family as well as some recipes that go back a long way in our family.

This project was great fun for me, and as I had access in my office to one of those wonderful "Magic Machines" that puts spiral binding on a book, I was able to create the book in Publisher on my computer and then print it out and assemble it. 

On the day of our family's Christmas celebration, I gave one to each family, and also sent one to each of my aunts and my uncle (my mother's siblings), so that they would each have one. 

I am showing a few pages so that you can get an idea of what I did.  It is so easy to do and creates a wonderful momento for the family-- try it!

Have a great day,

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