Thursday, May 26, 2011

Today's Exciting News!

Hi Everyone,

Today I finished a knitted lace shawl that I have made for Diana. It was one of the projects that I spoke about in my last blog entry. This project is called, "Upstairs Shawl," and was designed and copyrighted by Michaela Behrends.

Now at last, I am getting these wonderful projects done! What do you think?

Have a great day!


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Catching Up On Set-Aside Projects

Have you ever had so much enthusiasm for a project that you just can't wait to get it started? Well, when you work with fiber arts, that happens all the time! It can be great fun, but it can get to be a problem when several of these great and exciting projects come up all at once!

I had several scarves that I was working on for my daughter, each one started in this way, but none of them finished. Well, as you see, they are now done, and am I ever so happy that I had the perseverance to get it done!! I have made myself a promise that I won't get anything new until I finish all the wonderful things that I have in bage, boxes and shelves. I started with all the beautiful baby yarns, languishing in storage bins. Made over 100 infant hats by the time I finished it all. Whew!

Now I'm onto the scarves. Baby quilts to be finshed up come after this. Little by little, the stash is getting smaller. I hate having a lot of stash hanging around, and given our climate, it can get unusable if it sits in boxes too long.

So, onward! Lots more to do before I get to start a new stash!!

Have fun and enjoy the day!