Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hard Work but a Great Fundraiser!

Hi Everyone,

The children of the Cathedral decided some time ago that for the holidays, they would have a fundraiser, and use the proceeds to support the Episcopal Youth Camping Scholarship Program.  This will help young people who do not have the resources, to be able to go to camp.  It was a great idea, and they decided that they wanted to sell "Cookies in a Jar."
All our ingredients
Jars lined up and ingredients for cookies ready to go!

The fun part was that we MADE the cookie mix and filled and decorated the jars as well.  With the help of the ladies of Episcopal Church Women, we were able to fill and decorate over 200 quart Mason jars!  The recipes were found almost exclusively on .  Just search "Cookies in a jar."  And everyone who has made their cookies has told us that they were delicious.

Jars filled, labels with directions to make the cookies and fabric and yarn tops added

It was hard work, but not so daunting as to stop us from achieving our goal.  Because we bought all the ingredients and made them ourselves, the profit margin was a lot bigger than if we contracted with a company that makes these type of jars for fundraising.  We ended up selling the jars at a very reasonable cost ($5), and still made $500 to give the scholarship program, after ingredients were paid for.  The jars were also donated, so that helped a great deal.  If you try this, you will find that there are a lot of Mason jars out there in people's attics and basements, looking for a use.  Don't be afraid to ask people!

Orders ready to be delivered!

Have a great week!

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  1. Barbara, what an incredible idea!!! My Girl Scouts are working on a charity project raising money for CHERUBS and I am going to see if anyone is interested in this idea. Can I share with my CHERUBS folks?