Friday, February 24, 2012

The Christmas Village That Says "Home"!

Hi Everyone,
So, it snowed this morning, after a day when we reached almost 60 degrees, so I thought I would show you some ideas about Christmas Village construction.

I started collecting Christmas village buildings and accessories years ago.  However, recently I have added some local touches.  There is a company called "Our Little Town," which offers local pieces that reflect our own area.  I am thrilled to have collected some pieces that represent Rhode Island to incoroprate into my landscape.  You may want to do this, because it's a real conversation starter.
Here are some photos of the result.  The buildings not noted as "Dept. 56" are "My Little Town."

 Krispy Kreme was in Garden City, Cranston

 The Narragansett Towers, Narragansett

 Saugy Provisions, Providence

 Denny's Diner, West Warwick

 Tony's Colonial Market, Federal Hill, Providence

The Old Canteen, Federal Hill, Providence

 The historic Haven Brothers Diner, Providence

 This one is the Town Hall from the town where my father
was born; Elba, Alabama.  I found it on the town's web page.
 Coca-Cola building (Dept. 56) is exactly like the
one in Providence
The village.  Note the Starbuck's (Dept. 56). 
We have so many of them around the state, and it's
one of my favorite places for good coffee,
especially the one in Garden City.

So, have fun with your village, and try to get some local color for it as you go!
Have a great day,

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