Thursday, December 30, 2010

More on the Holidays and Being Creative!

Hi Everyone,
Today, I am showing some of the weaving and embroidery that I worked on for the holiday shows in November. It was great to find that the shows were picking up in activity this year. After a couple of years of lacklustre sales, due to the economy, this year seemed better. Among the shows that I did, I certainly enjoyed being at Francis Farm for the Carpenter Museum Show and also the Co-op show that Arlene McGarahan has always hosted, as well as Saint Thomas' Episcopal Church's show.

Roger made me some new set-up frames for the Tea Towels, which you can see in the pictures below. They are made of PVC piping. These days, I have noticed that most shows require a

backdrop of some kind, so this actually serves two purposes for me! He had a bit of PVC piping left over and used what was left to make a small corner stand for the quilted table runners.

I'd like to also mention that the scarves in the pictures are a new design that I started making this year and are a combination of acrylic and rayon chenille. I had a hard time keep up with the sales on these, so I was pretty happy about how they have been received.
Have a great day,


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