Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hello Everyone,
I hope your holidays were fun and enjoyable. I had a very busy time, finishing up projects until I had a repetative stress injury that completely side-lined me! Well, in the midst of all that, Diana had asked me to help her with a tee shirt quilt project for Christmas presents for Craig and Sarah, her boyfriend and his sister. Both of them are big fans of Jimmy Buffett (as is Diana) and Sarah had a large supply of tee shirts from the various concerts that they attended through the years. When she was thinking of getting rid of them, Diana took them and asked me if I would help her to make them into the two quilts.
So, as my first installment in what I have been up to this holiday season, I will show Diana's beautiful quilts' construction. By the way, she has never made a quilt before and she did almost all the work-- and a great job! See for yourself!

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