Monday, July 26, 2010

Organizing your patterns so they make sense

Good morning!
Today I want to share an answer to the frustration of following complicated patterns. There are many solutions to this problem. Some people like charts, some like written direction. I can do either one, but I like the written directions best.

Sometimes, though, it is hard to follow a pattern laying on the table when you are working in front of it. I made a wonderful discovery recently. For some time now, I have followed the lead of our Knit Happens leader, Sue, and made large size print copies of the pattern lines and put them in a flip notebook. That was fine, except I kept breaking the spine of the 1 inch binders that I was using.

So, one day, my husband said, as he watched me find yet another broken spine in the latest notebook, "Why don't you use a presentation binder?"

Well, I went to Office Max and found this presentation folder. It has several clear page holders and you can add more if you need them. It has two snaps-- one for when it is closed and one for when it stands up open for use. When open, it makes a triangle shaped stand, which will not fall over and the spine is made to accomodate this, so it will not break.

I use a colorful, plastic coated paper clip to keep my place on the line that I am working on. Voila! A better way to follow your patterns!

As you see, I am working on a lace scarf, and I really need to make sure that I am on track. If you loose one "yarn-over" or one ssk, you can go 3 lines before you find that the numbers are not right, so being accurate is pretty important. This pattern, by the way is available at .

Have a fun filled summer day!

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