Friday, July 9, 2010

Let's Knit one for Ourselves!

Hi Everyone!

First of all, let me say that I hope your Independence Day was a good one. We visited Mystic Village, in Mystic, Connecticut, which was great fun, even though the weather was oppressive. I found new summer reads and new music to play while I work, and even bought a silk fan that made me feel like Madame Butterfly!

The weather has been very good for my flowers and herbs, as you see from these pictures of a few of my plants. The summer is so fleeting here in New England, that we try to squeeze every bit that we can out of it! But, I must admit, 3 days of 100 degree F was more than I wanted to deal with!

So, what to do on those oppressive days, when all you can really do is stay indoors in the air conditioning? Knit, of course! And I further decided that it was about time that I knit something for myself! So off I went, in search of the perfect pattern. I actually found several that I want to try, which surprised me. Not being a "Twiggy", after all, a lot of sweaters look great on the model or in the pages of a fashion magazine, but oh! how awful they look once they meet a "curvy lady." That, of course is a euphemism for "larger sizes."

I found a set of booklets, published by Classic Elite Yarns, called "Curvy Knits." Each one had several patterns that I wanted to try. One of them, the blue sweater, with the model holding the sunflowers was the one I decided to try first. This is a picture of how far I have come with it, and I am very pleased with the color and texture, as well as the look of this sweater.

So, yesterday, while feeling a bit of "cabin fever" from being stuck inside for several days, I decided to go and vist a local yarn shop, Knit Wits, in Westerly, RI. It is a nice shop, with a friendly and helpful owner (Kate) and a fun group of knitters. I looked around and found two other possibilities for myself. One was a book called, "Big Girl Knits," by Jill Moreno and Amy Singer. It has some really good advice on measuring and "curving" your knits to give ultimate success to your garment. I recommend it if you are a curvy girl or if you are knitting for someone else who is. You won't be disappointed!

The other "find" was a magazine called, "knitsimple." In it you will find patterns which adapt beautifully to a wide (and I mean WIDE) range of sizes, which are really beautiful. I can't wait to try some of these.

Finding Knit Wits was fun and a very good piece of luck for me, and I'm sure I'll go there again. If you haven't been there, try it. It's not far from Rhode Island's South Shores.

As always, I hope your days in this wonderful summer weather are great!

PS A quick correction-- It turns out that Jo Ann Bartholomew is the owner of Knit Wits, but Kay is there sharing the duties of "Manning the shop." Well, she was great, and I also look forward to meeting Jo Ann on my next visit!

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