Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How we get two things done at once!

Hi Everybody,
I was thinking that it might be important to say a word about multi-tasking. As you may know about me, I love doing multiples of things all at once! I can be found on any particular day knitting, embroidering (on my sewing computer), washing dishes (dishwasher), washing clothes (washing machine/dryer), making bread (bread machine),making ice cream--soy based of course!! (ice cream/sorbet machine), creating newsletters (computer) and/or weaving-- all at the same time!! Yes, we women are pretty good at that--and some men are good at it, too. Machinery and technology can make our lives so much more complex and I feel at the end of the day like I have really accomplished something.
In this regard, I also like to listen to books. I love to read, but don't seem to find the dedicated time for that too often these days. So, instead, I "read" with audio books. In the beginning, it was tapes, then cd's and now I download to a portable lightweight device with a subscription to Audible.com. You can find them at http://www.audible.com/ . I like unabridged books the best, and there are literally thousands to choose from in all categories. Often, when I am doing motifs on the sewing computer, I am also listening to a good book. Most recently, I am reading Ken Follett's "Pillars of the Earth." I highly recommend it.
Today, I'd like to leave you with some pictures of my deck garden-- just for the sense of relaxation that it brings me, and hopefully you, too.
Have a great day!

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