Saturday, May 2, 2009

My New Weaving Loom has arrived!

This week, I have picked up my new weaving loom. It is an Ashland loom, 20 inch table loom, and I had the chance today to make a scarf from the beginning for the first time. At the Expo, Janet had already set up the looms for us because we had only 2 hours for the class. Learning how to put the warp together is not difficult, but you need to pay attention! I started on the wrong side and had to change back all the threads! But in the end, it was fine. I am putting up 3 pictures so that you can see how great this loom really is. It is completely portable, but it is also large enought to do quite a few projects.

I am starting out simple, since I don't want to get discouraged in my learning-- a good idea when you start out!

What do you think about my new scarf?

Have a great weekend!


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