Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The DVD that I have been waiting for!

Hi Everyone,

Today, I'd like to say a word about the Rigid Heddle Loom. As you know from past entries, I have been working on this Ashford Knitter's Loom for some time now. I love the portability of it and the way that it can use up pieces of yarns from finished projects to create something totally beautiful, or new yarns to create luscious new things. It can accomodate all sorts of yarns, from cotton to silk or anything in between and works well with ribbon, too.

I have looked for classes, to teach me the variety of patterns that this simple yet complex loom can create, using pick up sticks or fingering methods to make incredibly beautiful fabric. The few classes that I have found in my area are incredibly expensive, and once you have been there, that's it. If you forget what you learned-- not unusual if you do a variety of fabric arts and then come back to the loom, then you are in trouble. You either have to try to "bring it back" by tracing your old steps (often not fun for me!) or you have to pay for your classes all over again. In addition, I really haven't seen anyone do much more than the most basic stitch patterns.
So, I was understandably excited to discover a brand new 2 DVD set that you can find on the Interweave web site, called, "Weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom," by Jane Patrick.

It is a fantastic set, with clear instruction and a nice set of downloadable instruction and "cheat sheets," as Jane Patrick calls them. Ms. Patrick's style of teaching is wondeful for adult learners. The sections are very comprehensive and she takes her time and makes clear illustration of her work. She shows examples of the different stitches she will teach and then takes you through it with patience and clarity.

At last! A tool to help me learn the true power of my little heddle loom.
If you have a rigid heddle loom, you shouldn't be without this set. It is very affordable (about $35) and has a total of 2 hours and 39 minutes of instruction time.
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