Saturday, August 21, 2010

Blocking Garments

Hi Everyone,

Today I want to talk about blocking garments. It always seemed so mysterious and hard to me, and I never thought I'd get used to the idea of taking a steamer or water to something wonderful that I had just created to make it flat!

Well, KnitPicks has a wonderful tool to help. It is a set of blocks, really, that are made of a durable foam rubber and they link together like a puzzle. The box contains nine 12 inch squares that are 3/8 inch think. You can fit them together for any size-- long, square, rectangle-- whatever you need. As you see here, I was working on scarves, one a new lacy scarf that I just finished for myself, and one striped scarf to go with a hat for one of my favorite charities.

Be sure to check to see which form of blocking works best for your garment. Not all can handle the direct contact of a steam iron, or can be soakes in water. If you ask your knitting specialist, they will be happy to tell you what might work best for your particular piece.

Happy Knitting,
PS I am having some fun reading some knitting murder mysteries by Mary Kruger. Just finishing with "Died in the Wool," and will start "Knit Fast, Die Young," perhaps later today!

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