Thursday, May 27, 2010

Getting Back to Business!

Well, I haven't writtin in quite a while! The winter was busy and hectic, so blogging wasn't necessarily at the top pf the list. I have a few entries to make up for! Fortunately, I took lots of pictures of what I have been doing!

I am going to start by showing pictures of the process of making the felted bags that I showed in the last entry, as people have asked to see just how it's done.

I am showing yarn that is, by far, one of the best to use for felting. It is Lion Brand felting wool. It comes in a wide array of colors. I am showing one set that I put together for my own knitting bag. Remember to use two strands when you knit, as this lends strength, durability and a better felting for your end product.

I like to use circular needles, so you'll find that, unless there's a really (REALLY!) good reason, I'll be using my Addies for all projects.
This project works up very quickly and is an easy knit, as it is all done in stockinette stitching-- just changing of colors needs tending to.

In the end, the hardest part about felting is that, once you have all the knitting done, whether it's a simple stockinette stitch or a more complicated dinner bag or even a jacket (sometimes called "Boiled Wool" in the old classification) or a hat, when you have to consign it to the clothes washer and lots of hot water and detergent, panic reigns supreme! I remember sweaters that went from a lovely fit to ones that were ready for Malibu Barbie when they were put into the wash by mistake, so I get this fear. But, believe me, after you have done this once, you will, without hesitation be felting all kinds of projects and making the most lovely hats, purses, jackets and all other sorts of things. Yes, even mittens can be felted! And the good news about a felted hat, jacket or mittens in New England is that they are completely water resistant and keep the warmth in, no matter how cold it gets.
Next entry will look at some really neat baby knitting!
Have a great day,

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