Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Limoncello, Part 2!

Hi Everyone,
So, two weeks have gone by, and the grain alcohol has done it's job and taken on the aroma and taste of the lemons.  Now is the time to finish the process.

People have been asking about this, so I digress for a quick moment.  This is Everclear grain alcohol, which is 190 proof.  This is the Grain Alcohol to which I have been referring.  There are some places where this is hard to find, but here in Rhode Island, it is available, especially at this time of year at most package stores.

First, you must stir up the lemon peel and alcohol.  Then you strain the lemon peels out.  Then squeeze the peels to get out as much liquid as possible.  Then you fine strain using cheesecloth.

Now, you must make a simple syrup.  This is made up of sugar and water.  In this recipe, you will need 2.2 cups of sugar and 4.5 cups of water for each 750 ml. bottle of grain alcohol.
Heat, but do not boil the syrup.  It is done when it is perfectly clear.  As you see, it will start out being white and cloudy, but will quickly turn when heated.  NEVER leave the simple syrup unattended on the stove, and take it off as soon as the clear liquid is seen.

Let the simple syrup cool completely.  After you have strained the limon alcohol, put it into a clean container; one big enough for the alcohol and the addition of the simple syrup.
When completely cooled, add the simple syrup to the limon alcohol.  As it is mixed, you will see that the limoncello will take on the cloudy appearance and traditional lovely lemon look of limoncello.  Stir gently.
Arancello and Limoncello 
Let it sit for another week, and then you can bottle it.  I use 375 ml cordial or ice wine bottles that I buy from Silver Lake Beer and Wine Supplies.  It's a great place to find everything you need for any kind of wine, beer or spirits production, and Tony is just fantastic and will help you find what you need.  Now, a lot of people say you can drink it right away, and I guess that's ok.  I like to let it mature in the bottle for at least a month or two before I use it or gift it.  That's why I make it ahead for the holidays.  It should be just about perfect for Christmas this year, and makes a lovely gift or a dessert cordial for your holiday table.
Here it is, ready to be put into the wine rack to mature.  And by the way, keep a bottle in the freezer all the time.  Because of the alcohol content, it will not freeze, but it needs to be absolutely ice cold for the best taste experience!
Limoncello and Arancello

All done and ready to be put into the wine rack to mature
Enjoy!!  And by the way, Happy Birthday to Roger!

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  1. This looks awesome! I just started soaking my everclear/lemon peels. As far as once I add the simple syrup, do you know how long limoncello can sit out? Several recipes said to keep it in the freezer, but I assume that is just because it is best served cold. Thanks you!