Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Sweater Vest for My Honey!

Hi Everyone,

Today I want to show you what I have been working on this week. I have (finally!) started working on a beautiful sweater vest for Roger, that I have been wanting to make for him for some time. I am using a great book, called, "Knits for Men," by Margaret Hubert. Here is a picture of her book front along with a picture of the model in the finished sweater vest. If you are interested in finding the book, click here for the connection to her web site and ordering information.

Don't ever let anyone tell you that it isn't worth it to go after the same yarn that you see in a book pattern. In this case, for example, I ordered the 100% Soysilk yarn ( Southwest Trading Company ) that is used in the sample, and it is remarkable!

Cables are the prominent design in this piece, and though they may look intimidating, you can't believe how simple it is to learn how to make these lovely additions to your work.

I did use my usual transfer of information to the Notebook, which makes it far easier for me to follow patterns, as you see in one of the pictures. The advantage for this pattern is that I can transfer the information specific to his size, so I don't have to keep checking that I am in the correct size section. I find this saves me a lot of confusion.

I think I will be working on this for a while, especially since I will be getting serious about weaving very soon for the Fall shows, but I hope it will be done for his birthday, which is in September. By the way, he loved that it is done in what he calls, "Terrier Red!" (He works at Boston University.)
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